The reading material

Test Driven Development

Unit test

Unit test is usually the lowest level of testing that can be done to a software projects. But what’s a unit? well, OOP defines a unit as a single class, so unit test should involve it as a whole. Functional Programming defines units as functions. …

The Lightning Talk

This second week of lightning talks was, I think, more easy due to the fact that we had the experience of the previous one. In my case I the did focus in constructing a narrative for the presentation, trying to engage more with the audience. …

Chronicles of a delayed essay

This previous week has been hard, there have been a lot of assignments, readings, videos, and a great deal of activities outside of the scope of the academy which I had not accounted for, this didn’t set well with my affinity to complicate simple things, and my passion to let…

Alejandro Cámara

Software engineer

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